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Department of Animal Sciences
The Robert H. Smith Faculty
of Agricultural, Food & Environment

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

P.O. Box 12, Rehovot 76100, Israel
Phone: +972-(0)8-9489119;
Fax: +972-(0)8-9465763;
Yael Lewitus, Department's Secretary



Master’s degree students


1996-1998   Ganot Sahar, co-supervisor - Prof. David Sklan.
1997-1999   Gidon Zieger, co-supervisor - Dr. Ram Reifen.
1999-2001   Elad Tako, co-supervisor - Dr. Israel Rozenboim. 
2000-2002   Yaakov Falach, co-supervisor - Dr. Sheenan Harpaz.
2001-2003   Einat Amit-Romach.
2002-2004   Yaniv Hakim, co-supervisor - Dr. Sheenan Harpaz.
2004-2006   Revital Peretz.
2004-2006    Mirit Thein. 
2005-2007   Orly Ashel, co-supervisor - Prof. Ami Arieli. 
2005-2008   Raviv Deshev co-supervisor - Dr. Ingrid Lubsatz.
2006-2008   Sivan Pinchuk, co-supervisor - Dr. Rozenboim Israel. 
2006-2008   Eran Sendel, co-supervisor - Dr. Bill Koven.
2006-2008   Shira Cheled.
2006-2010   Nimrod Tsur, co-supervisor - Prof. Cahaner Avigdor.
2007-2011   Rotem Agmon, co-supervisor - Prof. Ami Arieli.
2007-2009   Liran Yadgari, co-supervisor - Prof. Cahaner Avigdor (moved to direct PhD track).
2008-2010   Roni Yair (moved to direct PhD track).
2008-2011   Noga Esterchan, co-supervisor - Prof. Cahaner Avigdor.
2011-2013    Amit Haron, co-supervisor - Dr. Shally Druyan.
2012-2013   Shai Vaserberger.


Doctoral degree students

1998-2002    Orit Gal-Garber, co-supervisor - Prof. David Sklan. Currently Lab Director, The Interdepartmental Equipment Facility, The agriculture faculty, HU.)
1998-2002    Assaf Geyra, co-supervisor - Prof. David Sklan.
2001-2005    Elad Tako. Currently Assistant Professor USDA/ARS, Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
2000-2005    Asya Smirnov, co-supervisor - Prof. David Sklan. Currently, University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia.
2005-2011    Reut Kornasio, co-supervisor - Prof. Orna Halevy. Currently Bio-Technology General (Israel) Ltd.
2005-2010    Einat Amit-Romach, co-supervisor - Prof. Ram Reifen. Currently TEVA.
2005-2010    Yaniv Hakim, co-supervisor - Dr. Sheenan Harpaz.
2009-2013    Liran Yadgary, co-supervisor - Prof. Avigdor Cahaner.
2010-2015    Roni Yair, co-supervisor - Prof. Ron Shahar.
2009-date    Shira Shoval-Cheled, co-supervisor - Prof. Masha Niv.