Prof. David Wolfenson

Research Interests:

My research centers on reproduction in the dairy cow. I focus on the two major stresses affecting reproduction and fertitliy of cows - environmental heat stress and pathogenic stress.

  1. Regarding heat stress, we characterized impairments of follicular and luteal functions related to steroidogeneis, attenuation of follicular dominance and other preovulatory follicle-related functions.
  2. Regarding subclinical, chronic mastitis, we found that 1/3 of mastitic cows exhibited delayed ovulation. This syndrome involves disruption of follicular steroidogeneis, low gene expression in theca and granulosa cells and low and delayed LH surge.
  3. Attepts to improve fertility of subclinical mastitic cows are currently examined.
  4. We found that small early antral follicles are susceptible to long-term, exposure to minimal doses of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative toxins, and the induced damage is then carried over to the preovulatory follicles, corresponding well with the long-term chronic nature of subclinical mastitis.
  5. We also found lack of association between clinical mastitic events and premature induction of luteal regression, suggesting that the main cause of low fertility caused by E. coli mastitis post-AI is directed at the embryo rather than the corpus luteum.


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Curriculum Vitae


1980 - Ph.D. Physiology, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University

1974 - M.Sc. Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University

1971 - B.Sc. Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University

Teaching Responsibilities:

71803 - Reproductive Biology

71833 - Bioclimatology

71812 - Dairy Cattle Management

71926 - Environmental Physiology 

Short summary:

Professor in Animal Physiology, in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University, in Rehovot, Israel. Teaching includes: Comparative Reproductive Biology, Environmental Physiology and Dairy Cattle Physiology and Management. In the last 10 years I have supervised 12 M.Sc, 2 D.V.M. 3 Ph.D., and 2 undergraduate students. Publications include 6 chapters in books, 70 scientific papers and review papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 72 abstracts at scientific meetings.

See also: David Wolfenson

List of Publications

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